180 The Strand


I took a trip to the last day of the 'Everything at Once' art exhibition at 180 The Strand over the weekend. I brought my painting things as a friend had told me there was a great view from the 2nd floor.

After seeing someone being told off for attempting to do an impromptu fashion shoot in one of the rooms downstairs, I somewhat slowly got my art things out and waited to be told to stop whatever it was I was hoping to do. Fortunately no one seemed to mind.


It was an unusual angle featuring the Southbank on the Thames, and a view looking straight down into an adjacent building site. I was a bit strapped for daylight (the gallery opened in the afternoon) so I had to work quite quickly and narrow my focus as to a view.


I painted the abstract shapes of the building site first, the sleet and rain during the day had made many surfaces reflective so I worked with iridescent pastels to try and bring this out.


As it started getting darker I changed my focus to the Thames - using gouache to light up the windows of the buildings and the neon sign of the OXO Tower.