Drawing the Ritzy Cinema

Opened in 1911 as the Electric Pavilion, the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton is one of London's earliest purpose-built cinemas. I've had a bit of a fascination with drawing the front of the building in recent years, having painted it a couple of times since their 100th anniversary in 2011. On a bright day recently, it seemed like a good place to start a new set of Brixton related pictures.

I think my favourite aspect of drawing the Ritzy might be the tangled web of chained up bicycles always in front of the Cinema. I'm a recent convert to cycling in London myself and have been devising ways of strapping a large portfolio to my back along with carrying a stool and all my art materials. As I was leaving, someone unlocking their bicycle noticed my set-up and worryingly said, "that's almost as bad as the time I cycled home with an ironing board!"

I've just made the picture available as a professionally produced giclée print which you can get from my Etsy shop here.

The original drawing is also available to purchase. If you are interested please email me at mail@jamesoses.co.uk to get in touch.