Wind in the Willows


I was commissioned by Jamie Hendry Entertainment recently to draw the front of house at the London Palladium for their production of The Wind in the Willows. The original artwork was purchased by the team, as well as a run of signed prints which were given to cast and crew involved in the show.


I actually drew the Palladium for a similar commission last year - although it was really nice to be asked again, as the architecture is such a joy to draw. There's a lot of history too - the theatre was designed by Frank Matcham who also designed the nearby Coliseum and Leicester Square Hippodrome theatres, in addition to many others.


Many musicians and performers have also been on the stage there including Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Judy Garland, and Marvin Gaye. The theatre was even the setting for the final scene of Hitchcock's The 39 Steps... so there's a lot that makes it an inspiring place to paint!