Way into January now so thought I’d do a little round-up of things I’ve been up to! Had a really nice end to 2018 and got to work with some lovely clients.

I’ve always wanted to illustrate something for the Guardian, ever since I began freelancing as an illustrator, so I was surprised and super pleased when I got an email asking if I wanted to work on a feature.

I was asked to visit Doncaster for the day to make a series of illustrations for a story by journalist John Harris. It was really great to be asked to work in a reportage style for this, and I got the chance to meet and draw people in John’s writing who were incredibly kind and patient.


A huge thank you to everyone who stopped by at the House of Illustration Winter Fair! Had a really fun day and got to chat to loads of people. Would love to do it again this year.

House of Illustration pic.JPG

In an unexpected turn, the main highlight of the year for me came right at the end, which was being signed at Central Illustration Agency. They represent some of my all time favourite artists (some of their work I had pinned to my desk-space as a student!) and I feel really lucky and grateful to them for taking me on.

I just finished working on some fun illustrations for a travel magazine which I hope to share soon once they come out in print. Been using collage a lot more lately, including for these latest pictures.