The lovely folk at Hahnemuhle sent me some new watercolour papers to have a go with! Looking forward to trying these out...


Brick Lane


 There's lots of places along Brick Lane that I've wanted to paint in the past. Here I decided to group them together into one picture.

The painting was all done on location on a single sheet of watercolour paper - I started with Preem one of the street's famous curry houses, and worked my way down the street including the Bookshop and Beigel Bake.

 Print available here 


National Theatre


I've been enjoying working with mixed media recently, particularly using newspaper as a base to draw and paint over.

Collage gives a lot of possibilities for conveying different textures; the brutalist architecture of the National Theatre with its subtle gradients of tone and line seemed like a good match for this approach.


The picture took around 5 sittings to complete - the longest part being arranging the underlying newspaper.


The picture is available as a print from my shop here.

If you are interested in the original piece please get in touch with me at mail@jamesoses.co.uk for pricing and more information.


Made at Morley


I recently started going to evening life drawing sessions. Although I draw and paint all the time, working directly from a life model was something I hadn't really done since studying illustration at Middlesex.

The below picture is selected for an upcoming exhibition of work at Morley Gallery entitled 'MADE' - the exhibition is open to the public from February 26th to 21st March.

Funnily enough, I used to draw the model - Clive - at Middlesex . I thought his pose here along with the backdrop made him seem a bit like a snoozing king on a throne.


Fife, Scotland

The Bass Rock and Berwick Law in the distance from Elie, Fife.

The Bass Rock and Berwick Law in the distance from Elie, Fife.

In late October I stayed in Fife for a family get together. It was a great time, and I also got the chance to do a few paintings.  These experiment more with iridescent oil pastels and wax. I really like the possibilities these both give when used with watercolour - the wax rejects the paint which makes interesting shapes, and the oil pastel has a rough texture which is really helpful for describing certain things.

Harbour at Crail, Fife.

Harbour at Crail, Fife.

I really enjoyed painting the fishing villages on the East Neuk of Fife - Crail and Pittenweem. There's just something appealing about drawing boats!

Pittenweem, Fife.

Pittenweem, Fife.

Art materials and much needed flask of tea!

Art materials and much needed flask of tea!

Elie, Fife.

Elie, Fife.